Jan 21 09:53

Stocks in the 🇺🇸US and 🇪🇺 Europe were once again under pressure as markets are getting nervous with an increasing potential for geopolitical conflict in 🇺🇦Ukraine. At the same time, positive manufacturing data from the US helped the dollar advance a bit yesterday. #USA #Euro #STOCKS #UKRAINE #dollar

Jan 20 12:21

🎮 On Tuesday, Microsoft said it is buying video game publisher Activision Blizzard for nearly $69 billion, a price that would narrowly surpass the richest US tech deal that was Dell in 2016 when it bought EMC for $US. $67 billion. 💻 Now Microsoft needs to get Activision shareholder approval, Microsoft is currently paying more than double its previous biggest deal which was $26 billion for LikedIn in 2016. 📈 For both companies this is an acquisition that has high growth expectations, last Tuesday Actvision closed up 26% to $82.31, this is still 13% below the agreed acquisition price. #Microsoft #Blizzard #Activision #LikedIn

Jan 19 16:46

📉 Goldman Sachs: Last Tuesday, the company released its fourth-quarter earnings that came in below analysts' expectations, as the bank's operating expenses rose 23% and its earnings were $10.81 per share. The major European indices are closing mostly higher with the exception being Italy. Canadian CPI rose in December to 4.8% (annual), the highest level since 1991. According to analysts at the National Bank of Canada core inflation will likely continue to run around 2.3% and 3%. #Inflation#Goldman #Sachs #NBC

Jan 13 10:57

🇺🇸 Inflation in the US, as measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI), rose to 7.0% on a yearly basis in December from 6.8% in November, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported on Wednesday. That was in line with the median economist forecast for a reading of 7.0% 🇪🇺 European Central Bank Vice President said: “Perhaps inflation won't be as transitory as forecast only some months ago.” These comments don't seem to be having a noticeable impact on the shared currency's performance against its major rivals. As of writing, the EUR/USD pair was up 0.17% on the day at 1.1460. #USA #CPI #inflation #ECB #EUR/USD

Jan 10 11:37

This Monday, Sterling hit its highest level against the euro since February 2020. This fact eased fears about the adverse impact of the Omicron variant on the economy. Analysts said the currency has strengthened since mid-December as UK government resistance to further COVID-19 restrictions provided a much-needed boost to sentiment. #Sterling #highest #Omicron #UK

Jan 10 10:46

🚙Uber: 2022 could be the payback year for Uber - it is expected an adjusted EBITDA of $25 million to $75 million in its fourth quarter. 🛒Walmart: The current trend remains bearish with signs of weakness as the price failed to renew the bottom around $135.00. #Uber #EBITDA #Walmart

Jan 07 11:33

This week, Apple became the first company with a market cap of $3 trillion. Its shares hit an record of $182.88. The rapid moves within 5G technologies, virtual reality and artificial intelligence helped these stocks become market favorites. Investors clearly shift to wealthy companies and move away from companies that are more sensitive to economic growth. #Apple #trillion #investors #stocks

Jan 05 17:48

- The major European indices are closing higher for the third consecutive day. The Spain's Ibex is the exception as it waffles up and down unchanged. * German DAX, +0.7% * France's CAC, +0.9% * UK's FTSE 100 +0.2% * Spain's Ibex unchanged * Italy's FTSE MIB, +0.7% - The US stock market continues to see rotation out of the tech sector and into the cyclical sector. - In the forex, the EUR is the strongest of the majors while the CHF is the weakest. #Index #Ibex #stock #forex

Jan 04 19:21

Tesla produced and delivered to its customers approximately 300.000 cars in the last quarter of 2021, compared to 180.667 cars in 2020. Therefore it is expected that Tesla achieves record profits despite the global shortage in the supply chain. Note to investors: In 2022, Tesla will invest in Germany and Texas-based production to meet its growth target. #Tesla #2022 #Germany #Texas

Jan 04 18:10

The U.S. dollar rose for a fifth straight day against the Japanese yen on Tuesday to hit a five-year high as investors anticipated the Omicron variant would not derail the global economy or delay the Federal Reserve's expected rate hikes. #dollar #USD #yen#Omicron

Jan 03 11:32

Fibonacci - a golden tool! Fibonacci analysis can improve forex performance for both short and long-term positions, identifying key price levels that show hidden support and resistance. The Fibonacci trading strategy uses the "golden ratio" to determine entry and exit points for trades of all time frames. Fibonacci used in conjunction with other forms of technical analysis builds a powerful foundation for strategies that perform well through all types of market conditions and volatility levels. #ForexTips #Fibonacci #goldenratio

Jan 03 10:50

New year, but same market-movers – 🦠 Omicron and Fed speculation.   The most important market-mover is Omicron – this variant is highly contagious but causes less severe disease. Therefore, markets are optimistic, hoping this wave will be faster and even help people gain immunity. This optimism is good for stocks! The second market-mover is FED speculation. The Federal Reserve will raise interest rates in 2022, but the timing is still unknown. The main worry for the Fed is that inflation is rising more than anticipated – it is no longer transitory.  Besides Omicron and Fed speculation, other factors are minor – China's Evergrande, tensions between Russia and Ukraine, and commentary by market analysts about the prospects of the global economy. #2022 #Omicron #federalreserve

Dec 31 11:05

Ups and Downs EUR/GBP drops to the lowest level since February 2020 - around 0.8370-65 area Dollar Up, but continues small moves on last Trading Day of 2021 - U.S. Dollar Index inched up 0.08% to 96.040 #EUR/GBP #Dollar #Drop #Up

Dec 31 10:01

🦠 COVID-19 will continue to be a key factor in investors' outlook, as the number of global COVID-19 cases continues to surge. The number topped 286 million as of Dec. 31, according to Johns Hopkins University data. However, some investors downplayed the variant’s impact. “The market is blasé about many of the risks emanating from omicron right now in terms of growth and the supply chain,” ForexLive chief currency analyst Adam Button told CNBC. #COVID19 #Omicron #johnshopkins

Dec 30 14:05

ECB's Holzmann: Inflation will peak around the turn of the year, then gradually decline The fourth wave and the Omicron variant have complicated the ECB's life. However, it is expected that ECB replaces its Pandemic Emergency Purchase Programme with a new transitory programme starting April 2022. #Omicron #ECB #Inflation #2022

Dec 30 13:27

Spanish annual inflation jumps to highest since 1989 in December That's the fastest pace since 1989, up from the +5.5% y/y reading back in November. #Spain #Inflation