CRASH Gambling Game

Let's start this section with a BANG! 🧨 💥

Which is the trader who doesn’t have a blast looking at candlestick charts, who doesn’t enjoy following the market variations with an accelerated heart beat, who can’t sleep after watching the news about an unexpected event with economical impact?

We’ll be talking about the CRASH Gambling Game, an ultimate experience, that combines the thrill of betting, with disruptive blockchain technology and the chance of winning some money while having lots of fun.
Leave it before it… CRASH!!!
Just that! And that is what makes it one the coolest and most popular crypto casino games at the moment. Take a look!

Where to play - our choices

Regarding the best bonus to start playing a Crash Gambling game you can find lots of options if you Google it. Our suggestions are shown in the table below.

BC.GAME Casino STAKE Casino & Sports Betting ROOBET Crypto casion
RTP* 99% 98% 96%
Provably fair Yes Yes Yes
Bonus Yes Yes Yes
Visit Visit Visit

*RTP: Return-To-Player

Don’t CRASH! How it works - the two gaming models

Crash gambling game is probably the most mind-blowing way of multiplying or losing some of your crypto gaming bankroll.
It is a casino game without the usual pharaonic fireworks or sexy Cleopatra inspired bonuses…
Crash game is plain and clear. Just a line going to the sky and numbers.
CRASH it or go Home in the best Gambling casinos
A simple way of winning or losing. You decide when and how much. Place a bet and let the numbers grow. Cash out when you decide the moment has come.
Take it easy…

Following, you can find a short video illustrating the principle of operation behind this amazing game called Crash. For sure, there will be no doubts about how easy it is to play and how exciting it can be! This video is a live recording of Crash Gambling Game at BC.Game

It can crash close to the moon or right after it starts! Kaboom! 💥
If you decide to let the line roll and take some risk, the probability of losing increases but, on the other hand, you can have impressive earnings… During our testings we have seen the line cross the 1,528.96x multiplier as shown in the following image (check below for highest multiplier ever seen):

One of the crash gambling game records that we saw

Do not lose your focus on this: as explained afterwards there is no such thing as a pattern or perfect timing!
The crash gambling game is unpredictable and multipliers are randomly generated by a provably fair verified algorithm. If we were asked what the most important skill is, the answer would be how quick you are to execute your cash out decision. Lucky Luke style! 🔫
If you are feeling sleepy or enjoying your coffee, then predefine your crash gambling strategy and turn on the auto pilot (automatic mode).

You’re ready to fly! Put your helmet and parachute on and… Leave before it… CRASH!!!

There are two gaming models:


Crash gambling is a pretty awesome and simple game. Basically, there is a line that keeps going up, multiplying your bet, until it crashes, hence the name of the game. Players can cash out anytime manually or even automatically. If the player cashes out before the random crash happens, he keeps his winnings, otherwise he loses his bet and must wait until the next round to enter again in the crash gambling game. So, it is like an airplane or rocket ride in which you have to jump out before it crashes!


This is a new version of the popular crash gambling game. In Trenball, before each round in the game starts, the player has 6 seconds to place a bet. Bets can be placed on RED, GREEN or MOON depending on what the player thinks will be the outcome of the game! Once the six seconds countdown is over, CRASH will start running until it… … yeah, until it CRASHES. It’s as simple as it seems! :-D

You may be wondering what is the meaning of Red, Green and Moon by now… In simple terms it is where the crash will happen in a round. The player wins depending on which of these he placed his bets on.

RED: Crash is less than 2

GREEN: Crash is equal to or more than 2

MOON: Crash is equal to or more than 10

The following table summarizes the 3 thresholds as well as the corresponding payouts and chances of winning.

Red Green Moon
What is < 2 ≥ 2 ≥ 10
Payout x 1.96 x 2 x 10
Chance 50.50% 49.50% 9.9%

Do I need to have crypto currencies to play Crash Gambling Game?

It is extremely uncommon to have verified blockchain casinos to accept fiat currencies. The most common way of funding your CRASH gambling experience in blockchain casinos or Dapp (decentralised apps) is through crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Cardano, etc.

CRASH Gambling Simulator

Our vision here is not to create a boring simulation of something that has a real cool user experience in online crypto casinos like BC.Game or Stake … Instead we decided to create a simple results simulator so that it is possible to check what gains you would have based on your decision of the X multiplier that you previously chose to cash out your bet. For this crash gambling simulator we used ten consecutive real results that were extracted from BC.Game crash gambling game that we will update periodically (the print of these results is presented below). In fact, presenting the last set of results is one of the coolest features from BC.Game crash gambling game! So:

  • this is not a crash game simulator but a results simulator for this game
  • results simulated are based on the multiplier value that you predetermine as the one to cash out combined with the result obtained from ten consecutive BC.Game crash gambling game real rounds
  • the real results are extracted directly from BC.Game website and updated periodically (check the print presented below to confirm the results)

For this results simulator, we created 2 scenarios. The first in which you set a fixed multiplier value at which you always cash out if the game has not crashed by then.

Stake per bet

Chosen multiplier for exit:


Round Crash Gains
1 1.91 -
2 106.44 -
3 1.02 -
4 1.12 -
5 2.46 -
6 6.11 -
7 1.11 -
8 1.09 -
9 3.83 -
10 6.59 -

*xample results from BC.Game last updated at 12:32 am, 1st, May, 2022

And a second scenario that depicts if you had left in the moment immediately before the crash (almost impossible situation, but theoretically the best possible result):

Stake per bet


Round Crash Gains
1 1.91 -
2 106.44 -
3 1.02 -
4 1.12 -
5 2.46 -
6 6.11 -
7 1.11 -
8 1.09 -
9 3.83 -
10 6.59 -

*xample results from BC.Game last updated at 11:40 am, 1st, May, 2022

Of course, the above two scenarios result in different profits at an exchange of risk. Higher risk, i.e., waiting longer to exit, may generate higher profit but no one ever knows what the “God of Hash” is keeping for the next rounds

Best result ever seen…

Please, be careful… What you are about to see next is much more impressive than what it looks at first sight!!!! According to a post in Reddit, there has been a crash at 2,244,166.56x !!! The following image was taken by the Reddit user in which the astronomic multiplier is listed among those of the latest rounds. What a Christmas gift that would be!!!

Biggest crash gambling game multiplier ever seen!

Did you witness similar events? Share it with us and we will gladly show them here.

Are there winning strategies for CRASH gambling game?

Let’s just keep it simple: like in any other gambling game there is no such thing as a bulletproof winning crash gambling game strategy. Always remember the famous Macau casino’s owner Stanley Ho quote: “I have always told my children and my good friends: ‘For God’s sake, never gamble heavily and if you can avoid it, don’t ever gamble.”

Key points:

  • There is no such thing as a certain long-term winning strategy
  • Crash gambling game is a game of chance
  • The knowledge about the game and some probability theories can help you find the best way to choose your own strategy and to manage your bankroll

Nevertheless, talking about some of the well known winning theories and their misconceptions allows to find out which is the right way to do it:

Have some fun while you are trying to make some money being lucky!

You can try it at: BC.Game , Stake or Roobet!

Martingale or Labouchère System

In this article we don’t intend to go deeper in any of these gambling strategies, but to give you a quick overview on how they can relate with a crash gambling game. We are more than happy if it helps you better decide your own strategy and how to manage your bankroll.

The French 18th-century Martingale theory is probably the best known betting strategy in gambling related forums. So, you can Google it! In short, this probability theory demonstrates that, in a 50/50 odds game like a coin toss, if you double your bet every time you lose, in the next winning round you will recover all your losses and keep the first bet amount as your profit. As an example:

  • First bet = 10 / lost
  • Second bet = 20 / lost
  • Third bet = 40 / lost
  • Fourth bet = 80 / won
  • Profit = 80 – 40 – 20 – 10 = 10

Looks easy, right? And it is. What you must consider before you use a Martingale crash gambling game strategy when you are not facing a 50/50 odds game like coin toss. You are playing a provably fair online crypto casino game where the casino has some edge. In crypto casinos like BC.Game there is a 1% margin announced in the crash gambling game. On the other hand, the Martingale strategy can fail for the lack of funds on the player’s account… Bankroll is the definitive real world constraint for such theory. It is a reality check!

Regarding the not so well known Labouchère system - it is a crash gambling game strategy that shares some of the principles (and limitations) with the Martingale one. It is a quite complicated theory, but we can move straight forward to the “how it works” mode.

  • Write down the bet amounts that sum up to the value that you would like to win. The order that you write them is not relevant.
  • Bet the sum of the first and last amount written.
  • If you win, cross out those two amounts from the list.
  • If you lose, add the amount lost at the bottom of the list.
  • Do this successively until you have crossed out all the amounts from the list and you will take the predetermined amount as profit.

As an example

  • Predetermined amount of profit: 100
  • List of bets that sum up that amount: 20 10 40 15 15
  • First bet: 20+15 = 35 / won – clear the bet amounts from the list
  • Actual list: 20 10 40 15 15
  • Second bet: 10+15 = 25 / lost – add this amount to the list
  • Actual list: 10 40 15 25
  • Third bet: 10+25 = 35 / won – clear the bet amounts from the list
  • Actual list: 10 40 15 25
  • Fourth bet: 40+15 = 55 / lost – add this down to the lis
  • Actual list: 40 15 55
  • Fifth bet: 40+55 = 95 / won – clear the bet amounts from the list
  • Actual list: 40 15 55
  • Sixth bet: 15 / won – clear the bet amount from the list
  • List cleared!!!
  • Profit: 35 – 25 + 35 – 55 + 95 + 15 = 100

Once again, it looks quite easy to win following a strategy like this. You can also have quite a good time if you are a probabilities nerd like us! But, at the end of the day, just never forget that these theories work within a perfect 50/50 coin toss scenario and no bankroll limits…

Well, when playing crash gambling in casinos like the ones we tested such as BC.Game and Stake you can count with fair algorithms to rule games, but always keep in mind that:

  • Crypto Casinos like all other Casinos have an edge
  • The presented theories consider limitless bankrolls as a premise
  • You should gamble responsibly and only bet what you can afford
  • You should go with crash gambling game strategy, to dominate the scene

Avoid Squid Game or Hunger Game Attitude in CRASH Gambling Game!

In some chit-chat conversations that you find in blogs or social networks you can be misled to believe that the real winners in crash gambling or similar games are the ones who have the mentioned series mentality: compete against the others and try to be the last one standing! Well, run away not from the others but from these kind of theories… The fact is that in a crash gambling game you are not competing against the other human players. You are not competing against anyone! If you are playing in one of the online crypto casinos like BC.Game you are playing in a provably fair framework where you are facing a random generated value for the “crash” and where the casino announces their 1% margin.
To sum it up:

  • The other players decisions do not impact your winning probability
  • The previous results do not influence in any way the future ones
  • You should only focus on your decisions based on your risk management and funds and do what you can to avoid herding behaviors
  • It is sure it is going to crash… just have a good time trying to leave before!

“Geek” Zone - Going Deep into the Math underneath the CRASH Game

The first regulated online Bitcoin casino appeared in 2014 and since then billions of dollars worth of Bitcoin have been wagered online. These casinos have all sorts of games, such as roulette, slots, blackjack... but one of the more popular ones seen recently is a game called Crash, also known as Crash Gambling or Bitcoin Crash Game.

For those of you who aren't familiar with CRASH Gambling, here's a brief overview of how the game works. Players have a couple of seconds to place their bets before the multiplier begins. The multiplier starts at 1 and begins to increase and players are allowed to cash out at any point multiplying their bet by the amount on the screen.

However, if the player waits too long to cash out and the multiplier crashes, then they lose everything that they just bet. This multiplier can immediately crash at 1 and all players lose their bets but it can also go into the thousands and even the hundreds of thousands in some cases.

According to crash gambling roobet Casino website their game comes with two ingredients:

Server Seed - provided by Casino
Client Seed - the hash for ethereum block #12936585

They explain that they take a Server Seed and hash it (SHA256), creating a new Server Seed. Then, they take that Server Seed and hash that too. The process is repeated until 2 million hashes are generated -- 2 million server seeds. The very first game uses the 2 millionth server seed (a0c7b0e5f6dc711923f5cd38fb137d
d8ff8bf774a4a5dbecd8361cb0fe03d79d), and each game after that works backwards down the list of server seeds. Second game uses the 1,999,999 th hash and so on and so forth.

The Client Seed is 0xf22bacd2045342de47fcaf1532
fcfe8d591fe5293b68e098d715c0daa1bd715e, which is the hash to ethereum block #12936585. Roobet crash game committed to this block before it was mined and all the server seed hashes were created before committing to this block. This ensures that the casino can not control the outcome of each game.

This provably fair principle of operation is verifiable and can be verified by anyone who inputs the Server Seed of a game in the code made available by Roobet . Once that test is done, the server seeds and game results for the previous games can be found and deemed immutable.

There are a couple videos and posts on strategies to try to profit off of this game which unfortunately is just not possible. A lot of these casinos actually post the source-code behind their games, so we thought it would be cool to take a look at this code and see mathematically why in this game it is just not possible to be winning in the long term. What follows is based on the Crash gambling game promoted by Roobet Casino.

Generated Hash code

From that code, it can be seen that there are two functions: a generateHash() function which links the games together and then also there is a CrashPointFromHash() function which calculates the multiplier for each game.

Generated crash point from hash

So, we could see that if you click on the results of any game there is a hash that is associated with it. A hash is a sequence of hexadecimal symbols that encodes a particular value. This allows the players to verify the fairness and trustworthiness of the casino itself. For example, the BC.Game Casino invites their players not only to have fun playing but also to verify everything, in opposition to trusting blindly in what they are to It’s hard to find bigger transparency and honesty than this. Provably fair means you don’t need to “trust” the casino or the game for it to be fair; it means you can prove its fairness.

Generated crash point from hash

Basically, as explained above, if a casino actually provides the hash of the very first game, one can keep using the getPreviousGames() function as well as the function that returns the corresponding result and one can find the results of every game that has ever been played.

Yeah 🤙 (!!!!), we are as nerd as it can get and we took the hash of a game that happened and we iteratively got the hash of the previous games until we ended up with the hash of the very first game.

We kept track of the results and we concluded that there have been close to 620k (620,000; six hundred and twenty thousand; 620e3; yeah, that many and growing every minute…)

We could also see that the minimum result is 1, accounting for the cases in which the game crashed right at the beginning, and that the maximum result was 658,000.

Taking a closer look to the source-code, it can be seen that the getResult() function receives a game hash and generates a new one and checks if it is divisible by 33. When that verification is true, that’s when the game crashes and all the players lose their bets if they haven’t exited before. This causes the game to crash right at the launch moment (multiplier equal to 1) approximately 3% (1/33) of the times. When the number is not divisible by 33, the multiplier is calculated using the formula displayed in the last return of the function.

In simple terms, it turns out that for any multiplier the probability that this multiplier (X) is less than some value x is actually very close to 1 - 1/x. P (X <= x) ≈ 1 - 1/x

For example, the probability that the multiplier is less than 2 is about ½ and the probability that the multiplier is less than 10 is about 90% (given by 1-1/10)

So, we considered this and calculated the expected value of $1 bet on multiplier x, which basically is given by the probability of losing multiplied by -1 (the stake amount is lost) plus the probability of winning multiplied by the multiplier x minus 1 (the stake amount) and the results are shown on the table below. Please note that the probability of winning is equal to 1 minus the probability of losing.

Multiplier Expected Loss
1.01 ~ $0.031
2 ~ $0.035
10 ~ $0.040
Expected values by multiplier

From the table above it is clear that no matter how big or small the multiplier is, the expected value in the long term will always be negative, with a loss that lies in the range of the 3% to 4%.

On top of the likelihood of the negative outcome explained above, you should also consider that the casino has a declared edge of 1% to 1.5% (depending on the casino), even though these games are provably fair,i.e., they rely on a system that guarantees that an outcome of a game outcome is verifiable and considered fair-play.
As a piece of advice, please consider the following points:

  • Fun should be the number one reason for playing.
  • Do not fail in the temptation of trying to recover the losses. You may end in a position worse than where you’ve started.
  • Remember that there is no correlation between past and future results. So, if you’re in a losing scenario, take a break, chill out and return when you’re not in a mood affected by those eventual losses.

Still not convinced? BC.Game states in their website that it is a “fair and impartial prediction and guessing platform”. And that their goal is “to eliminate all unfair factors and make players feel comfortable and have fun”.

BC.Game has a total of 10 million hashes (the generation chain is verifiable), and each hash corresponds to a curve crash multiplier. They release these 10 million numbers in reverse order, each corresponding to one turn of the game (i.e. we have 10 million turns in total).

In other words, the crash number of each turn already exists and is not calculated after the game starts. Players can therefore place their bet without concern as the algorithm does not make any decision after the game starts.

Will The Game Be Manipulated By The Platform?

There is an integrity check that ensures that there the results are not manipulated. The test algorithm is explained below as stated in BC.Game official website.

  • Take a random value in the 2^52 range, namely 16^13, i.e. a 13-bit hexadecimal number (because the hash value is hexadecimal, 2^52 === 16^13)6b5124897c3c4 (6b5124897c3c4 equals 1887939992208324 in the decimal system
  • Distribute the random value to 0~1, by dividing it by the maximum value of 13 fs, namely 6b5124897c3c4/fFFFFFFFFFFFFF. Given the discrete random nature of the hash value, we then can think that any hash value can be transformed into a random number of 0~1 (FFFFFFFFFFFFF is equal to 45035996270496 in the decimal system) 1887939992208324/4503599627370496 = 0.419206889692064.
  • Make the house edge 1%. Further to calculate 99/(1-X), where X is the random value calculated at Step 2. When X is 0, the result is 99; when X is 1, the result is positive infinite; when X is 0.01, the result is 100; when X is less than 0.01, the result is less than 100.
    Conclusion: The overall random number distribution is 99 to positive infinite; and when the random number distribution is 0~0.01, the result is less than 100.

    99/(1-0.419206889692064) = 170.45656748150867
  • All values less than 100 will be set to 100. In other words, there is a probability of 1% that 100 will appear. Round off the number and divide it by 100 to get the final result.

    170/100 = 1.70
    Conclusion: The hash value used in the game is inverse ordered. Therefore, with the SHA256 algorithm, a previous hash used in the game can be calculated from its subsequent hash. Since there is one-to-one correspondence between the key and the value of hash, we can draw the conclusion that if a hash can be used to calculate the hash that precedes it, then this hash should have been already generated when the preceding prize is announced. Similarly, the entire hash chain is generated at the very beginning and cannot be changed once generated. Otherwise, it cannot pass verification by SHA256, and as far as the payout is concerned, this is nothing more than a probability game in which crash is a given. The official organizer cannot manipulate any game set. Therefore, CRASH is more transparent than other gambling methods. This is the cornerstone on which our game is built.

Simple calculation:
When the 13-bit hash value is 8000000000000 = 1.98, 0xb000000000 = 3.168, 0xc000000000 = 3.96, that is, the first digit is greater than 8((16-8)/16≈0.5), the result is approximately 2x; when the first digit is greater than b((16-11)/16≈0.3), the result is approximately 3x; and when the first digit is greater than c((16-12)/16≈0.25), the result is approximately 4x, and the same rule applies to the rest.

When the 13-bit hash value is F000000000000 = 15.84, FF00000000000 = 253.44, FFF000000”
The BC.Game casino even publicly provides a validation platform in the following casino link.

As a last tip, whenever you play, ensure that you are playing in a certified casino. First, you should attest that the casino is a verified operator by the Crypto Gambling Foundation and also that it holds a Random Number Generator Certificate, such as those accredited by iTech Labs, for instance.

That’s all folks!
Have a safe CRASH!

CS:GO Gambling

CS:GO skin gambling in crypto casinos has become extremely popular. Players can see their skins on steroids or even win credits for improving their arsenal betting on blockchain casinos. Will the world of decentralized gambling revolutionise as well one of the most powerful industries in the world - the Gaming Industry?