JUNE 28 12:21

Oil was down on Thursday morning in Asia as investors are worried that tightening monetary policy could trigger a recession and dampen fuel demand. Investors are concerned about a recession caused by tightening monetary policy. U.S. Federal Reserve is not trying to trigger a recession to tame inflation but is fully committed to bringing down prices, Fed Chair Jerome Powell said on Wednesday. OIL #US#ASIA#GLOBALECONOMY

JUNE 26 15:21

EUR/USD is marching towards 1.0550 as the DXY is performing lackluster. Fed Powell’s testimony has failed to bring a notable impact on the DXY prices. For further guidance, investors will focus on the US Durable Goods Orders. The hawkish commentary from Federal Reserve (Fed) chair Jerome Powell in his testimony has failed to bring a notable impact on the DXY prices. It won’t be wrong to state that the market participants have discounted the fact that policy tightening will continue for a prolonged period. # EUR/USD #FED#DXY #DGO

JUNE 23 11:22

Twitter is testing a new feature called "Notes" Twitter Inc said on Wednesday, 22 June, it was testing a new feature called "Notes" that would allow users to share essay-like write-ups as a link both on and off the social media platform. The company also said newsletter firm Revue, which it bought last year, would now be part of Twitter Write along with the "Notes" feature. Integrating the new Notes feature could be the most significant change to the social network since the company increased the character limit for posts from 140 characters to 280 in 2017. It's likely to help increase customer loyalty and attract more new users, which is positive for the company's stock price. #TWITTER #NOTES #STOCKS #SOCIAL

JUNE 18 11:32

The Fed-driven market cheer fades, although steep losses in the longer-dated Treasury yields could cushion the pair's downside. EUR/USD is heading closer towards 1.0500, as the US dollar holds onto its renewed upside amid a cautious market mood. The central bank divergence theme and fragmentations risks undermine the euro. EU's final inflation and Powell in focus. TRESUARY #POWEL#EU#GLOBALECONOMY

JUNE 15 09:39

Oil was up on Thursday morning in Asia, supported by peak summer demand and tight global supply, despite the U.S. interest rate hike spurring concerns over less fuel demand. Tesla reported 273 vehicle crashes since July involving advanced driving assistance systems, more than any other automaker, according to data U.S. auto safety regulators released on Wednesday. This could potentially cause significant damage to the company's reputation and share price. #OIL #US

JUNE 13 12:31

U.S. stock index futures shed prior gains and declined in early morning trading Thursday after the Federal Reserve implemented the largest interest rate hike since 1994. The S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite fell further into bear market territory, ending the session down roughly 24% and 34% from their all-time highs, respectively, as inflation and fears of slowing economic growth weigh on investors. The Dow, meanwhile, is 19% below its Jan. 5 all-time intraday high. #NASDAQ #SP #STOCKS #US #FEDERALRESEVE

JUNE 13 08:31

EUR/USD dribbles around a three-week low near 1.0615-20 as bears take a breather following the biggest daily fall in a month. Even so, the major currency pair remains on the bear’s radar during Friday’s Asian session, with eyes on the US inflation data. Given the clear downside break of a horizontal support region from early May, now resistance around 1.0630-40, the EUR/USD prices are likely to decline further. #EUR/USD #US#INFLATION#USD

JUNE 10 14:21

Elon Musk has accused Twitter of enacting a "material breach" of his $44 billion purchase agreement, threatening to terminate the deal. If Twitter does not comply with his request for information on the platform's bot accounts, the Tesla CEO has threatened to pull the plug on the agreement. #TWITTER #ELONMUSK#STOCKS#TESLA

JUNE 5 19:21

According to IMF Working Papers, employment numbers have a short-term impact on gold price. A good NFP helps gold prices when there is a sign of physical or industrial demand inside an economy. On the other hand, when it comes to labour data, gold price is likely to move in a different direction than the USD. #IMF #NFP#GOLD#USD

JUNE 1 13:45

Tesla has restored weekly output at its Shanghai factory to nearly 70% of pre-shutdown levels, and the firm plans to enhance output further this week as Shanghai's severe Covid lockdown comes to an end. Given the reopening of Tesla’s Shanghai plants and the unique dynamics of the automobile industry, it will be interesting to see how Tesla stocks end the year. What is clear as the day is that the company is clearly on the cutting edge of a variety of industries and has the potential to become significantly more valuable over the long term. #TESLA #SHANGAI#COVID#LOCKDOWN

May 29 09:34

The U.S. financial regulator has moved to tighten monetary policy, which should put pressure on the stock market. Everyone is unanimous that this creates additional barriers to the growth of securities yields even under favourable conditions, which do not exist now. Accordingly, some investors will look for alternative investment instruments like safe government bonds or ETFs in less risky sectors of the economy. #STOCKS #ETFS#US#FINANCIAL

May 25 11:23

In an interview with the Financial Times, thirty-year-old crypto billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried took aim at Bitcoin, arguing it had no future as a payments network. "The bitcoin network is not a payments network, and it is not a scaling network," Bankman-Fried added, claiming that the Bitcoin network's core proof-of-work algorithm is incapable of expanding effectively enough to keep up with demand. CRYPTO #BITCOIN#BANKMAN-FRIED#FINANCIAL

May 24 12:14

On May 16, 2022, the price of wheat reached an all-time high of €438.25 per tonne. It is the largest figure in history, reflecting the current reality and the new risks of food inflation. #commodities #inflation

May 17 10:54

Stocks dipped marginally on Thursday, with the S&P 500 edging closer to bear market territory for the sixth consecutive week. Trading was choppy, and the S&P 500 finished just 0.1 percent lower after recovering from a steep drop. The index is down 4.7 percent this week, on pace to have its largest weekly drop since January. This would be Wall Street's sixth weekly loss in a row, the longest losing streak since 2011. Check our article to know more about what is happening now!! STOCKS #S&P 500#COVID#GLOBALECONOMY Early Friday trade saw oil prices rise, but they were poised for its first weekly losses in three weeks as concerns about inflation and China's COVID lockdowns slowed the global economy, outweighing concerns over declining Russian fuel supplies. Both benchmark futures, however, were expected to lose ground this week, with Brent falling more than 3% and WTI falling more than 2%. The threat of a European Union embargo on Russian oil sapping supply, as well as concerns about demand being undercut by weaker global growth, inflation, and China's COVID limits, continue to push and pull the market. INFLATION #CHINA#COVID#GLOBALECONOMY

May 15 07:21

USA: The Covid-19 pandemic has increased the shortage of pilots in the US as it has slowed training, hiring and created a wave of early retirements. However, once demand for air travel returns, there is a huge shortage of pilots as the process to qualify as an airline in the US is time consuming and expensive, making the barrier to entry high. #COVID19 #US #RETIREMENT 🇲🇽USD/MXN: The currency failed to renew the top around 20.63876, leaving a lower top. The current move is bearish, and the price is trading close to the support of 19.96823; which being broken will confirm the bearish pivot which targets 19.70667 and 19.23111. SMAs 20, 50 and 200 are aligned, but lateral. ADX shows (21) degree trend and bearish directional movement. Alternatively, if the top is renewed, the uptrend will continue. #SD/MXN #ADX

May 13 11:51

🎮 GameStop: In the midst of a scenario where the global stock market has been suffering heavy losses with its indices reversing their possible recoveries, GameStop's shares last Thursday rose by more than 30% although it was hampered by great volatility due to market instability ended the day with a gain of 10.1%, another stock considered a “meme” that also had a significant rise was AMC, which rose more than 8%. #GAMESTOP #MEME #STOCKS #GAMESTOP #AMC