Mar 9 09:21

🇺🇸 USA: US President Joe Biden announced the suspension of Russian oil purchases, in a move partially accompanied by the UK. Before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, oil was trading around US$90 a barrel, before the announcement it was trading around US$131 and now the trend is to go up even more. 🇦🇺 AUD/NZD: The trend started to weaken as it failed to renew the high of 1.07930, forming a double top, which will be confirmed with the break of the 1.06510 support and will target the level of 1.05120. MACD shows regular bearish divergence and ADX shows degree (25) trend with bearish directional movement. Once the price returns to trading above 1.07930 the trend will remain up. #USA #OIL #RUSSIA #UKRAINE #AUD/NZD

Mar 8 15:24

🛢 Shell sought to defend its decision to buy an oil shipment at deep discounts from Russia, saying it would allocate the profits to a fund dedicated to humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Shell bought 100,000 tonnes of Ural crude oil from Russia. 🇺🇦 The purchase did not violate any Western sanctions, but the company faced strong criticism from Ukraine's Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, who wants the companies to cut all trade ties with Russia. 🏭 Kuleba launched a scathing attack on companies that still do business with Russia, saying that some big oil companies may find themselves on the wrong side of history. Shell said earlier this week that it intended to exit its joint ventures with Russian gas giant Gazprom and its related entities. #SHELL #OIL #SANCTIONS #UKRAINE #RUSSIA #GAZPROM

Mar 8 11:23

📱 Apple: It will be holding its first launch event of the year this week, where it should announce the new Iphone, Ipad and possibly some new Macs, the launch today will be broadcast live from Apple Park headquarters in Cupertino, California as were the launch events since 2020, the brand is expected to update its low-cost iPhone. 🇨🇭 CHF/JPY: The currency is in a downtrend but its last top failed to renew the high, leaving a top around 126,016 and the last low at 123,505, in case the price falls and breaks the region of the last one. minimum we will have a possible trend reversal with the next support points at 121.677 and 120.016. #Apple#California#Stocks #CHF/JPY#lowcostiphone

Feb 23 10:28

🎮 Sony: Showed the world the new virtual reality headset called PlayStation VR2 that will compete with Facebook's Quest. Its direct competitor, A Meta, has dedicated $10 billion over the next year to shifting its focus to the metaverse, which is a digital world where people can work and play using its $299 Meta Quest 2 headset, but Sony and being able to attract customers who prefer a headset that connects to PlayStation games. 🏦 Credit Suisse was scrambling on Sunday to contain the fallout of its latest scandal after several newspapers reported that more than 18,000 leaked accounts showed criminals, alleged human rights violators and punished individuals, including dictators, were Swiss bank customers. #Metaverse #Sony #PSVR #META #CreditSuisse

Feb 22 15:56

🥇 Gold: UBS Bank sees gold's strength as short-lived as geopolitical risks fade, on Monday the asset even traded at levels around $1,800 that were hit in early February on fears. After the invasion, investors are expected to seek refuge in Gold, but as that pressure eases, gold is expected to drop to levels of $1,600 by the end of the year according to bank analysts. 🇺🇸 LTCUSD: The asset is trading close to historic lows around $96.00 since reaching its last high in the region of 288.30, since then the asset has been in a downtrend with the averages aligned for the move, in case it loses the low approaching support levels will be around $86.03 and $63.38. #GOLD #UBS #LTCUSD

Feb 21 12:46

🛻 General Motors: The company had to temporarily abandon heated seats as an option in vehicles in response to the chip shortage. As well as other companies that have been harming dealerships' inventory, raising prices and delaying orders. An attempt to stimulate more domestic semiconductor production, but it would take years and billions of dollars to meet demand. #GM#chipsShortage

Feb 19 11:32

Claiming to be the first bank in the metaverse, JPMorgan announced the opening of a “lounge” in Decentraland. Upon entering the lounge—which was established by Onyx, the bank’s blockchain unit—visitors are greeted by a digital portrait of Jamie Dimon. #Metaverse #JPMorgan #Decentraland #blockchain

Feb 18 19:53

Bond yields, stock futures, global equities, and cryptocurrencies all have declined amid intensifying concerns over Russia’s imminent invasion into Ukraine after Western leaders and Russian President Vladimir Putin failed to find a diplomatic solution during the weekend. #cryptocurrencies #UKRAINE #RUSSIA #Putin #ElectricVehicles

Feb 18 13:46

Shares of Roblox ($RBLX.N) are down around 25% since yesterday after the metaverse company missed Q4 2021 expectations on both the top and bottom lines. Roblox has now become the second large metaverse-focused company, after Meta Platforms, that has seen its stock price crash on challenging growth prospects. #Roblox#Crash #Meta #METAVERSE

Feb 16 11:58

Annual inflation in the United States rose by 7.5%, therefore increasing the possibility of more than 4 rate hikes from the Federal Reserves that were previously priced in. As expected, equities, bonds, and cryptocurrencies fell sharply as investors continue to search for clues on how the Fed will respond to ever-rising inflation figures. #Inflation #federalreserve #Fed #crypto

Feb 16 10:03

Gradually but surely, there is a shift in the workings of the global financial economy. Technology provides massive world-shifting alternatives that are slowly but progressively incorporated into several pillar sectors worldwide. The advent of blockchain technology, the rise of Bitcoin, and the establishment of an autonomous decentralized system have drawn the attention of nations and individuals alike to the many possibilities, opportunities, and the potential revolution that the technology will provide. #Forex #Bitcoin #tech

Feb 07 11:46

Investors were given a reality check last night after the Street punished Meta Platforms in an unprecedented manner given the company's market valuation of nearly $900 billion. Roughly $200 billion was wiped off FB's market value in a matter of minutes after the company reported earnings per share (EPS) of $3.67, lower than the $3.84 Bloomberg consensus. #Investors #MetaPlatforms #FB #EPS

Feb 07 10:44

Alphabet reported earnings per share of $30.69 to easily beat the $27.34 expected from surveyed market analysts. Revenue came in at $75.33 billion, again better than the $72.17 billion consensus. All in all, Alphabet's stock price is up over 10% in pre-market trading Wednesday, indicated to open at the all-time highs, therefore completely ignoring the recent pullback. #Alphabet #Stocks #EPS

Feb 07 09:21

The number of nonfarm payrolls (NFP) grew by 467,000 last month while the jobless rate climbed to 4% in spite of the rising number of coronavirus cases, according to the US Labor Department. Despite a big surprise to the upside, major US indexes are little changed. We may trade in a range today, however, traders should be cautious as investors continue to react strongly to any changes in the Fed policy expectations. For now, all eyes remain on the US inflation report that is due next week. #NFP #LaborDepartment #FED #Inflation

Jan 31 14:32

💻Netflix: For some investors streaming services are no longer impressive, and companies need to innovate again, presenting ways to increase their subscribers, the sharp drop in Netflix shares in January could put pressure on other companies in the sector to show good results, this leads investors to keep an eye on the results of Netflix's main competitors. 🇳🇿NZD/CHF: The currency is in a downtrend and tests a support point of 0.60768, and its last resistance point was at 0.61702, if the price falls again and loses support we will have the next points of support at the 0.60356 and 0.59473 regions, if it goes above the resistance we will have the continuation of the interrupted trend. #Netflix #NZD/CHF #STOCKS #downtrends

Jan 28 09:53

💰General Motors said it will invest about US$ 6.6 billion in the state of Michigan by the year 2024 in order to increase the production of electric pickup trucks in addition to building a new battery cell factory for electric vehicles and reach the target of building 1 million electric vehicles by the year 2025. 🚘 Experts believe that it may surpass tesla as the largest seller of electric vehicles during this period until 2025, but this is not such an easy goal to hit, given that tesla in 2021 delivered 936,172 electric vehicles globally. 🤖 It is expected that not only Tesla and GM will innovate and make investments in increasing capacity or new technologies, all large companies in the sector will improve their competition in the sector, and of course those who are taking the initiative will have the greatest prominence. #GM #Tesla #ElectricPower #Battery #ElectricVehicles

Jan 25 16:46

🧑🏻‍💻 Microsoft: The company exceeded expectations gives us results, but revenue from the Azure cloud was in line with what experts expected, the company reported earnings of $2.48 per share against $2.31 expected by analysts and a revenue of US$ 51.73 billion against US$ 50.88 billion that was expected by analysts. 🇺🇸 USD/CAD: The currency formed an OCO pattern, activated and reached the first support level at 1.25200 and returned to make a pullback movement, at the moment it is at a resistance at the entry level, in case the price returns to fall and miss the last low left, we will have a next support point at the level of 1.23851. #Microsoft#Azure #CloudServices #NBC

Jan 24 16:46

🏛 Fed: In the face of acceleration, the Federal Reserve may get even more aggressive than economists expect in the way it tends to raise interest rates, according to Goldman Sachs analysis. The Fed is also expected to start cutting its balance sheet by $100 billion a month starting in July, the company said. 📈 HGCOP: It continues in an uptrend with its price above the SMAs 20,50 and 200 aligned on the rise. The current move is bullish and is near the $4.6070 resistance which once broken will target the $4.7300 and $4.9500 levels. Losing the $4.3600 support will see the trend reversal. #HGCOP#Fed #Sachs #Goldman

Jan 22 14:37

@ 🖼️ NFT sales surged to record $23 billion in trading volume in 2021. @ 📈 The S&P 500 counted 70 closing highs in 2021, the most in a single year since 1995. @ ⚡🚗 Electric Vehicles sales in Europe beat diesel-car sales in December for the first time. #NFT #S&P500 #GoGreen #Europe #Diesel

Jan 21 11:21

👨🏽‍💻 Netflix: The streaming giant released its fourth-quarter earnings, which topped results, but shares are down more than 20% in after-hours trading to their lowest levels since June 2020. But for the first quarter 2022 expects to add $2.5 million subscribers compared to the $3.98 million added in the first quarter of 2021. #Netflix#trading #LowestLevels