Roobet - Crypto’s Fastest Growing Casino

Roobet is one of the most thrilling and dynamic brands nowadays in what concerns crypto casinos. Roobet characterizes its communication in a cartoonish manner, combining fun with seriousness as it is a provably fair casino .

Roobet offers popular games such as Crash Gambling Game, as well as, wonderful slots titles such as Bonanza, Money Train and Juicy Fruits. Other popular games include Plinko, Book of Fallen, Deadwood. Roobet also provides some excellent House Games such as Roulette, Dice, Mines and Towers, along with traditional casino games such as Blackjack, Baccarat.

Does Roobet also provide Sports Betting?

When it comes to sports betting, Roobet is also a great choice, offering odds for popular sports such as football, basketball, ice hockey and tennis but also for more eccentric options such as CS:GO gambling, etennis, ebasketball, League of Legends…

Is there a shortcut or strategy to win at Roobet?

We are sorry to disappoint you but there is no mathematical strategy or trick to be a winning gambler in the long-term. When it comes to gambling the most important aspect is to have fun. If you can win some extra money along the way, even better.

If you prefer to run some simulations without any risk before you try to fly high playing Crash Gambling Game, for example, you can refer to the Crash Gambling Game Simulator that we created based on real results taken from real crypto casinos. With this simulator you can experiment with different stakes and multipliers to cash out and immediately check the gains you would obtain from such options. It’s not as exciting as playing for real but it is an excellent way to measure your feelings before going for real gambling.

Despite the fact that there is no winning strategy for the long-term, Roobet is proud to state their games are provably fair which, in turn, assures the players that the results are not manipulated and that the edge for the casino is significantly low (1% in some cases). It’s almost as balanced as tossing a coin.

The fairness of Roobet’s Crash Gambling Game can be attested by the source-code and validation tools provided online.

Roobet is proud of having Live Support available on the website as well as an Help Center, in case your doubts arrive on a schedule out of working hours.

Both the Live Support and the Help Center can help you answer questions about, for example, the methods accepted for deposits and withdrawals, the countries from which Roobet accepts players, or even about the fairness of their offer.

Roobet is a licensed brand but any question about this matter can always be addressed by the content of their website or by the Support staff.

Am I eligible to play at Roobet?

In case you are wondering, Roobet does not accept clients or players from the following countries:

  • Australia
  • Poland
  • Spain
  • Cyprus
  • Bonaire
  • Gibraltar
  • Guernsey
  • Aruba
  • Belize
  • France
  • Curacao
  • The Netherlands
  • Hungary
  • Lithuania
  • Saba
  • Statia
  • St. Maarten
  • United Kingdom
  • French Guiana
  • Switzerland
  • Israel
  • Sweden
  • Iran
  • Ethiopia
  • Guadeloupe
  • Portugal
  • Venezuela
  • Cuba
  • Malta
  • Slovakia
  • French Polynesia
  • Jersey
  • Liechtenstein
  • Luxembourg
  • Martinique
  • Reunion
  • Mayotte
  • Denmark
  • the United States and all of its, including but not limited to Puerto Rico, Guam, the US Virgin Islands, the Northern Mariana Islands, American Samoa and United States outlying Islands and any other jurisdiction that the Central Government of Curacao deems online gambling illegal. This shall include all the named Nations' Territories.

For example, if you are from Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Finland, you are more than welcome to register and play at Roobet.

Does Roobbet accept crypto currencies?

Roobido is the name given to the currency used on One Roobido is equal to one dollar worth of Bitcoin or Ethereum or Litecoin at the current exchange rate.

Roobet has different brands?

Roobet is a sole brand and has a sole name. However, it is commonly misspelled. It is common to find people misspelling Roobet in many different manners, such as:

  • Roobot
  • Rubet
  • Roobert
  • Roonet
  • Robet
  • Roubet

instead of the correct form, Roobet.

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